Architectural & Interior Design

We will come into your space, prepare existing drawings, demolition drawings as needed, and the proposed drawings of how you would like to transform your space.  These drawings  can be for getting pricing from contractors so that they can compare “apples to apples” or they can be detailed for construction purposes. All drawings are prepared on the latest version of AutoCad.

3d Drawings

If looking at plans is a bit difficult for you to picture in your head, computer drawn 3D renderings can be prepared.  This will help when making important design decisions, let you see the space before you commit to it, and can help when selecting finishes and colours.  It is much easier to make alterations at this stage than later when it can be too late or too costly, and disappointment can be avoided.

Colour Consultation

If you have a new place or would just like to give the existing one a quick facelift, then a colour consultation may be just what you need.  In one visit all your finishes and colours could be decided for you.  There will be a co-ordination of colours and spaces to ensure they all flow and compliment each other.


Sometimes you see an item that you like in the store but then you get it home and it’s not quite what you thought it would be, or it is the wrong scale for your space.  If you would like to feel sure about a purchase or would like an expert opinion we can go shopping together and ensure there is no buyer remorse when you get that special item home.  Whether it’s a sofa, a toss cushion or a statement art piece you want it all to work well in it’s surroundings